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“Color Your Life” is a project that aims to promote and enhance the artistic prowess of kids in the communities the team plan to visit. It is a collective action to help Filipino children dig into their basket of creativity by organizing individual and group art workshops. The activities provided by the Team (Crayons) will be aligned, of course, with the cultural system that exists in the communities.

As such, Color Your Life is not just a simple and short-term aid for the kids but can guide them in exploring their artistic capabilities at a young age. The project also serves as a venue to use their imagination, exercise their patience in following instructions, and gain artistic knowledge that may possibly contribute to the development of a child.

Color Your Life is a project of an eight-member group from Quezon City. The team includes Agnes A. Dayto, Kevin N. Del Prado, Raymart A. De Aza, Julie S. Estabillo, Samantha Grace D. Luz, Lourdes A. Navalta, Joemar P. Brigado, and Diazabel P. Reyes. They are young professionals who also happen to be travelers and artists by heart. The team is an independent and free-spirited group of people who are not affiliated with any political, religious, educational, and/or non-governmental organizations. The team wants to at least give and share simple yet colorful experiences with the children of the communities they visit in the best possible way they can.

Color Your Life’s mission is to visit communities, whether indigenous or remote, all over the country to promote the Arts to the children,
awaken their artistic potential, inspire them to dream, and let them imagine the unimaginable. The project is committed to providing start-up art kits for the participants which can possibly be helpful to continue their interest in the Arts. Moreover, the kits are tokens of appreciation to the community in exchange for the team’s travel and visiting remote and rural areas.

Color Your Life envisions a community where every Filipino child has the right to learn and be culturally enriched by exploring one’s potential through Arts. The team, as visionaries, will extend their helping hand to able to create a space wherein the children can learn, at the same time, enjoy their youth by engaging in art activities.

As a part of the educational curriculum in Philippine public schools, Art is just one-fourth of the subject MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health). Moreover, art activities given by public schools are limited given only once a week, four times a month, and just twenty-seven days in a school year. On the other, art classes, if not within the walls of a classroom, are indeed expensive and only a few can avail themselves of such.

Color Your Life recognizes the situation of Art as a secondary and
supplementary subject in public schools. In this light, the project to be provided by the team is an alternative niche to accommodate Filipino children’s thirst to learn and explore art techniques and the like. It offers a different approach wherein one has the freedom to color, paint, and draw from imagination.

Generally, the 2-hour activity is designed for the children to have a better appreciation of the Arts and for them to value creativity, imagination, sharing, friendship, cooperation, and teamwork. Specifically, at the end of the activity, the children should be able to:

1. Have an inkling of how creative they can be at such a young age;

2. Individually, with the help, guidance, and supervision of the facilitators, color an artwork template provided by the team;

3. Create a collaborative art with the facilitators;

4. Have a start-up art kit be provided by the Crayons; and

5. Have fun and create memories.

The individual activity is called Color by Numbers. An uncolored artwork template is to be provided to each child. The artwork is divided into parts which are each labeled with a number that has a corresponding color. The children are to fill them in with the prescribed color per part.

The children can keep their artworks as memorabilia to remind them as they grow older, that they start at some point. From this output, they can choose to develop and hone their creative talents and make the world a more colorful place to live in. The outputs may serve as a constant reminder that they can do anything just as long as they put their minds, time, and effort into it.

In the event that children finish ahead of time, the team can provide another template they can work on. This time, the children have the choice of whether to keep the artwork or give it to the team as a gift/souvenir.

This activity will refine the children’s motor skills, ability to follow
instructions, and color and number recognition. In addition, since the
team is providing used crayons and other coloring materials that
are to be returned after the activity, Color by Numbers also promotes the value of recycling to young minds.

The group activity is called Color Our Lives, which is an art collaboration between the children and Color Your Life team. On a huge clean sheet of paper, everyone – the children and the facilitators – is to draw anything within their imagination. In this activity, they are given more freedom to express their creativity and style.

The group output/s will be given to the Center as a souvenir of Color Your Life.

Color Our Lives promotes the value of sharing. And, just as in the first activity, the group activity will be using used coloring materials to promote the value of recycling.

For the children to follow through on their art activities, the team distributes a start-up art kit to each one of them. But sometimes we also modify the contents depending on the community that we visit and the budget as well. The usual art kit includes:

1. A box of 16 pcs. crayon;

2. One (1) drawing book

3. One (1) storybook

4. One (1) watercolor (12 colors)

5. A set of 12 pcs. color pens

6. One (1) eco bag.